A oz tuner 2.8 duramax egr erase is vital for longevity on the small duramax engine. The discharges manage system discards unburnt carbon into the consumption creating residue messing up the valves as well as consumption, which inevitably reduces the engine life. The only method to remove it is to eliminate the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. This needs mechanical capacity to finish the job, however it is well worth it in regards to longevity on your Colorado or Canyon diesel engine.

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The oz tune 2.8 duramax egr remove kit enables you to re-route the exhaust through a stock or aftermarket cat-back or muffler as well as removes the discharges recirculation system. This permits you to use low-ash kind oil without stressing over the DPF or DEF systems clogging. It also gets rid of limp mode as well as minimizes upkeep prices. The vehicle runs cleaner as a result of not having actually recycled carbon as well as gas dumped back into the engine, resulting in even more power and also better MPG (around 5mpg).
oz tuner 2.8 duramax egr delete
It can enhance your horsepower as well as torque approximately 212hp as well as 412 ft. pounds. It likewise removes stopped up DPF and also DEF systems that frequently stop working, which will certainly save you money on repair work costs.