Mohawk Finishing Products M102-0540 Mohawk Finisher’s Choice Clear Gloss Lacquer

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9.5Expert Score
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Mohawk Finishing Products M102-0540 Mohawk Finisher's Choice Clear Gloss Lacquer, 13 Oz
Mohawk Finishing Products M102-0540 Mohawk Finisher’s Choice Clear Gloss Lacquer
Mohawk Finishing Products M102-0540 Mohawk Finisher’s Choice Clear Gloss Lacquer


HAP??s compliant.

Top Positive Review

I used this product for the final finish of a guitar that I completely stripped and refinished. I first created a burst finish using both stain and paint, then applied a couple light coats of spray glitter. This created a textured finish that concerned me, as the final product needed to be smooth as glass. This Mohawk Clear Gloss Lacquer worked like a champ. I used about a can and a half – 30 to 40 light coats applied over a week or so. I would let it dry for about an hour or so between coats. I ended up with a nice glossy, smooth, but pebbled surface. I then wet sanded going from 800 to 3000 grit using a block. This product added a perfect gradual thickness that allowed me to sand the surface level without going through the lacquer layer. After buffing with a gentle rubbing compound, I was left with a beautiful shimmering glass like nitro finish. I’ve used other similar products. This one is much better. I can’t recommend this product enough.

Top Critical Review

This is a fine lacquer for some uses, however, there are certain limitations I ran into that would lead me to caution some people planning to use it. Primary among these is it does NOT appreciate humidity at all. All lacquers have limits on humidity/temperature application, however, Mohawk has been particularly fickle. Using this outdoors, in Memphis, while even within reasonable temp/humidity range I ran into several instances of blushing. This occurred even after using Mohawk Lacquer Retarder (excellent product I can’t recommend enough) between each coat. The final product turned out fine, but only after several hours of removing all the blush spots with steel wool and rebuffing everything.

The final product, even after wetsanding/polishing still is not as mirror shiny as a competing product I’ve used: Deft. The finish has been sanded flat with 1000-2000 grit paper, then buffed with rubbing compound and then wax, but there is still a slight “haze” to the reflection I didn’t seem to get with the deft. It still looks fine and is barely noticeable, so it wouldn’t be something excluding me from using it in the future, just something to keep in mind.

To sum up, if you are in a drier/less humid climate it may work well for you, as it DOES apply easily and is more resistant to runs compared to other products I’ve used (Deft). But, if you live in an environment without perfect conditions like me, I’d just stick with Deft.

Customer Questions & Answers

Will i need a respirator with this product?


The Mohawk Finisher’s Choice Lacquer does not require a respirator. It does advise to USE ONLY WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION and to keep the area well ventilated. Of course we always advise to avoid breathing of the vapor and spray mist. Thank you so much for inquiring about our product!


How is this different from Mohawk/ Behlen stringed instrument lacquer?
Answer: its the same

Where did all the Behlens products go? I see like 2 thats it
Answer: My understanding is that Behlens and Mohawk have merged. The Mohawk cans that I have also have the Behlens name on it.

What is the recommended cure time before sanding (dry and wet)?
Answer: For guitars, I put at least 4 or 5 coats on. Wait a day, lightly 320 it and get rid of any peel. Then another 5 ot 6 coats and let it cure 2 to 3 weeks. Then wetsand and buff out. Start with 800 to 1000 gritt for wet sanding. This is for a guitar. Furniture similar but not nearly as much lacquer

Is it Normal for this lacquer to feel dry and dusty once applied and before sanding? I??m scared It won??t turn out glossy
Answer: In my experience, it sounds like not enough coats. Not sure what your project is, but I used it for a guitar and it should take a couple cans.

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