Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong

9.7/10 (Expert Score)
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Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong
Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong


Top Positive Review

This hairspray impressed the hell out of me. I don’t often give 5-Star reviews, but here we are.

As a male, it can be pretty hard to find good hairspray that doesn’t smell like a basket of roses mixed with propane. So many sprays that claim to be “strong” hold basically coat your hair in some nasty shellac-type stuff that leaves your hair hard as a rock, difficult to touch, and then feeling destroyed after a shower. I used to only use hairspray like once a week due to how bad it was gunking up and drying out my hair, but this hairspray seems to be a gift from the Hair Care Gods.

I LIKE hold in my products. Lots of haircare stuff these days provide “medium” hold, which basically means next to no hold and you’re putting products in your hair for fun or something. I like to style my hair and then forget about it for the rest of the day, because I actually have a life outside of looking at myself in the mirror and fixing my hair.

This spray gives a good clean hold, doesn’t get your hair wet (like some aerosol hairsprays), and isn’t insanely crunchy like cheaper products. It gives your hair a nice shine that doesn’t look artificial, but healthy. It washes out really easy, and actually leaves your hair feeling softer than it was before, if you can believe it. Putting this in my hair doesn’t seem to weigh it down ( I have pretty fine hair that goes flat easily if product is too heavy), and I forget I even have hairspray in my hair during the day. I can use this stuff daily without a single problem.

** The Good **

– Smells awesome, has a distinct musky and warm scent that even guys can use without shame. The scent also lasts a really long time, I can run my hands through my hair the next day and still smell the Argan scent on my hands, but it’s faint.

– Provides good, clean hold for most hairstyles. No buildup or flakes even if you apply it multiple times for extra hold.

– You get a lot in the can, it feels a lot heavier than my old hairsprays that are in bigger cans.

– Minimalist design on can, which might seem silly but the packaging aesthetics of my products actually matter to me. I can put this on my bathroom counter and it isn’t an eyesore.

** The Bad **

– Price. This stuff isn’t cheap, which I feel deters a lot of people away from giving it a try. I think a can would last a couple of months if you use it daily, maybe longer. However, like most good hair products, you tend to get much better quality when you pay a bit more (to a point, obviously).

** Final Thoughts **

Don’t even think about it, just buy this hairspray. You won’t regret it. I can’t even think of a scenario where you wouldn’t like this product. I bought one can, and then my wife started using it. Now she has claimed it for herself and hisses at me when I try to touch it, so I had to order another full-size can, plus a couple for business travel. It’s that good.

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Top Critical Review

I have used this hairspray for several years. My last two shipments have a changed formula. The hair gets heavily weighed down and very greasy. I was trying to return my recent shipments, but the return was refused
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Customer Questions & Answers

Does anyone use this hairspray who has silver/white hair? if so, does it tend to yellow the hair?
Answer: I have blonde highlights and it has not turned it yellow or discolored in anyway.

does this hairspray make your hair hard/crunchy/stiff?
Answer: No it does not make your hair stiff or crunchy at all .. Your hair still stays soft with this hairspray

What are the ingredients?
Answer: sd alcohol, 40-b ~ hydrofluorocarbon 152a ~ va/crotonates/vinyl neodecanoate copolymer ~ octylacrylamide/acrylatesbutylamnoethyl methacrylate copolymer ~ amnomethyl propanol ~ parfum fragrance ~ cyclopentasloxane ~ peg-12 dimethcone ~ argana spinosa (argan) kernel oil

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