Redken Brews Molding Paste For Men

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Redken Brews Molding Paste For Men
Redken Brews Molding Paste For Men


Top Positive Review

Here is my comparison of similar popular hair products. 3 on the higher price range and 2 much cheaper options. I??ve tried about 15 different hair products over the years and these are the ones I recommend.
1. REDKEN WORK HARD MOLDING PASTE. Best of the 5 I reviewed. Medium to high hold, low shine. Can be used on any length hair but best for mid to shorter length ( not super short) Great for messy hair look or sticking up in the front look. Not greasy and not to sticky but cmon now its hair paste of course it??s going to be somewhat sticky. Good hold without looking unnatural and smells great to me but not to strong which is a plus. A little goes a long way as most of these products but especially this one. This one wins by a long shot. Overall score 10 Been using since 2008.
2 PAUL MITCHELL ??MITCH?? CONSTRUCTION PASTE. Good for the same reasons as REDKEN but just doesn??t do them as well. Also had more shine and is a bit to greasy. Scent is much too strong IMO. Works better than REDKEN for a more styled look and is medium hold. About same price as REDKEN Overall score 7.5
3. AMERICAN CREW FORMING CREAM. Well this is a cream so different consistency than others. Does better for longer styled hair but can work with medium length messy look. Low shine which is unusual for a cream (I think, and at least in my experience) Smell is decent and not too strong. Overall score 8.0
4.AXE STYLING URBAN MESSY LOOK PASTE. (The one in the little tin cans) This is the poor mans REDKEN. Less than half the price but does everything REDKEN does just not as well. Need to use a little more too which justifies me continuing to buy REDKEN. Low shine matte look but not as much holding power as REDKEN. I prefer the scent on this one over all others. This is the only one that I will use besides REDKEN because if performance a be value. I can??t even explain what is smells like but it??s unique and manly, not too strong and some chick said I smelled good and I didn??t have cologne on so that??s a plus in my book. Overall Score 8.0
5. GARNIER FRUCTIS PURE CLEAN PASTE. I bought this while on vacation when I forgot to bring the good stuff. Works okay and falls between a paste and a cream for consistency. Low to medium hold and shine. Does the job in a pinch and is mad cheap but it??s worth spending more as the REDKEN lasts twice as long and your forehead won??t break out. Overall Score 5.5. All in all there are 100??s of hair products for men out there and I??m sure some other great ones but this is 5 of the ones I use and remember and continue to go back to. Note the REDKEN price will fluctuate from $12-18.50 on Amazon but it??s been stuck on 18.50 for a while but still worth it.

Top Critical Review

NEW FORMULA! SADLY NOT THE SAME. I started using Workhard in 2008 and I have been using it exclusively for my hair styling needs for the past 11 years. About 10 months ago I noticed my scalp begining to itch and have dry flaky skin. I tried everything including medicated shampoo to help the situation. Today I contacted customer support and they confirmed that they added MALT (wheat protein) to the new formula. This is a problem because I??m gluten allergenic. They apologized for the inconvience and offered to compensate me for my unused bottles. But honestly, I just want the old fourmula again. Please change it back Redkin.

Customer Questions & Answers

dry or wet hair
Answer: For best results, Redken Brews Molding Paste should be applied as follows: Rub a small amount in hands and work through damp or dry hair. Thanks for asking!

Does this have a stiff touch on hair? Or does it keep your hair natural soft?
Answer: If you want to to have a soft look you don??t put as much on but it never has a stiff look. I have used it for years and as the day goes on it usually keeps its hold even if I run my fingers through luscious, wavy and sexy hair.

Is this the same thing as the work hard gray bottle with green rectangle in the center?
Answer: Yes just new packaging.

is this alcohol -free and sulfate-free?
Answer: No it contains 2 types of alcohol stearyl & benzyl. Not sure about the sulfate though.

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