Track Your Tasbih Count With the Tasbih Counter App

If you’re looking for a way to count your tasbih, the Tasbih Counter app is simply what you need. The application does need an internet connection to save your dhikrs.
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The app likewise offers several attributes to help you track your tasbih, such as vibration responses as well as audio. In addition, the app additionally features a wise touch feature, so you do not have to take a look at your phone to count your prayers. It additionally has a night mode feature to minimize eye pressure while counting your tasbih. The user interface of the application can be tailored to fit your requirements, consisting of shades.
The interface is easy to use and enables you to set a restriction for the variety of tasbih you’re doing. The app consists of 21 body themes. It doesn’t reset after you’ve shut the app. You can additionally delete previous dhikr counters, as well as you can watch all of your previous tasbih task. When your phone is sleeping, this application’s offline zikr counter makes it very easy to track your tasbih count even.